This is a site about generating ideas, influencing others to believe in your idea, and driving innovation within your organization.

These insights are built from direct observation of individuals, entrepreneurs, and employees pitching ideas and building profitable solutions for their customers.

The more people that believe your idea, the more it becomes reality.
– D. B. Howell

At the center of every great venture is an idea.  That idea originated with one person, just like you, who grew the idea through persuasion, logic, and charisma.  At first, the idea had little tangible value, but as more people bought into it, their faith in the idea began to snowball and take on a life of its own.  The greatest ventures are the ones we all believe we have a part in, as if we own part of that single idea!

There are tools, techniques, and resources that help take your brilliant ideas and build a network of supporters that add value to your idea.

Types of Articles

This site is divided into three main categories depending on your level of need.

  • Building an Idea Development Pipeline
  • Managing Stakeholder Expectations (What’s in it for them)
  • Monitoring trends and externalities to your idea

Who needs to read this

This site is targeted at entrepreneurs, dreamers, researchers, or anyone that has an idea they want to make a reality.  I think that’s all of us, right?

What to expect

Your wildest dreams?   At the least, you will become aware of best practices for persuasion, rhetoric, logic, and other soft skills that allows your fledgling idea to survive in the wild longer.  Think of the information on this site as a break in the canopy of an old growth forest that can allow your seed of an idea to have a fighting chance.


Here are a few articles to get you started-


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