About DBHowell.com

A site for sharing expertise around ideas, influence, and innovation

I have a lot of experience in driving innovation in large and small businesses.  I’m sure you do as well, so let’s collaborate!  As such, my friends and I have decided to launch this site with three main objectives:

  • Foster a greater spirit of unity around innovation in the minds of subscribers 
  • Create a ground-swell of diverse innovative ideas that are returned back to their businesses 
  • Grow a community of collaboration across people, process, and organizational divides 

Frankly, the world needs us to be a little better here.  Far too often good ideas never see the light of day.  There is more than enough trouble and issues on the planet, so I hope we can help each other improve the human condition.

To be human is to be innovative.

This site helps people learn and put into practice the principles ideation, influence, and innovation. Accepting and applying these principles will better enable you to grow in your career while helping your company move forward. We invite you to study and apply these principles and teach them to your teammates. As you do so, you will see real progress. You will learn how to appreciate greater diversity of thought and enjoy seeing the transformations that can take your business to levels never before imagined.

The challenge before us.

Innovation, Idea-starters, and Job Satisfaction all correlate positively.  If an individual does not have faith that their ideas will make any difference, they will not be innovative, nor will they be happy in their current role.  Our mission is to fix this and help people feel empowered to not only surface their ideas, but also have the skills they need to drive ideas into true innovations for the businesses.

Managers and leaders also benefit from our resources as they learn the types of information that is needed for their employees to be more engaged.  We hope all will feel positive as none of the material of the program is restricted to a particular group.

Everything starts with a thought.

At the center of every great work is an idea.   My ideas come from world events, news, nature–basically humanity in general.  You may have a list of your sources as well. 

Good ideas are contagious.   As you look around, think about how many people had to share an idea in order for a thing to become a reality.  All ideas grow through persuasion, logic, and perhaps charisma.  At first, all ideas have little tangible value, but as more people bought into it, their faith in the idea begins to snowball and take on a life of its own.  The greatest works of humanity are the ones we all believe we have a part in, as if we owned a part of that idea!

The more people believe your idea, the more it becomes reality.

Please read more about our tools, techniques, and resources that help take your brilliant ideas and build a network of supporters whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, or innovator.  

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