The Burlap Chair

Burlap is one of the cheapest textiles available.  The material is rugged and tough and can endure a lot of wear.  Infused with resin, the material becomes rigid and strong as it is moulded into the perfect contour. See the development history here.

Cherry wood is shaped to continue the design lines, giving it elegance and grace.  As a side chair, the design holds it’s own, but is not attention-starved among other interior decorations. The chair can also be broken down or shipped flat, but does not look like it is assembled from 2-dimensional panels.
This chair represents the Hwyl style.  An upward movement that motivates and inspires, but is grounded and sustainable in its roots.

Daniel Howell

Daniel B. Howell has more than 15 years of consulting and mentoring start ups, building corporate enterprise strategies, and influencing industry trends. His methodology is now available for you to build traction around your ideas. The more people who believe in your ideas, the more your ideas are worth.

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