Understanding Organizational Stuctures

The organization around you is one of the most important factors that influence how your idea evolves. Here are some common organizational environments and how ideas may flow in them.

  • Startups – Founders and early employees wear many hats.
  • Midsize companies – Lean and agile functional groups can collect around ideas, but may lack some business processes to effectively manage resources.
  • Large companies – Cross-matrix organization of functional contributors that can work ‘like clockwork’ to crank out ideas. ┬áStructure is less flexible to new ideas, but can turn old ideas into cash cows.
  • ‘Skunk work’┬ácompanies – called out separately because the profit and loss statement is in the hands of project managers. ┬áLike cross-matrix environments, there are functional contributors, but the cohesive factor is around a new business idea, not an existing business.

Daniel Howell

Daniel B. Howell has more than 15 years of consulting and mentoring start ups, building corporate enterprise strategies, and influencing industry trends. His methodology is now available for you to build traction around your ideas. The more people who believe in your ideas, the more your ideas are worth.

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