Areas of study offered

Cultivating Desire for Business Success

Many individuals may feel dis-empowered from being innovative in their current role.  This section discusses how to rekindle and maintain innovation success.

Solving Unmet Customer Needs

Two types of customers – the ones that pay the company and the ones that need you to do your job.   This section talks about how to capture and understand where innovation needs to happen.

Finding Profitable Business Innovation

This section discusses how to prioritize innovation by what will benefit the business the most.

Keeping Innovation and Self-preservation separated

By nature we may sometimes have a scarcity mentality that leads to a win-lose outcome. [Covey Reference Here]

This section helps to establish personal confidence and security while making necessary sacrifices for the greater good.   Innovation is truly a limitless resource and is recognized as a significant contribution, even when role and organizations are not currently aligned for such.

This section is tricky so it will require thought.

Helping Individuals Find and Keep Innovation Supporters

He who fails to communicate his ideas is the same as he who has none. – Perecles.  May not include the quote…

Persuasion is having others do what you want for their reasons.

Most likely someone else has had a similar idea, but doesn’t have your piece of the puzzle. 

Divergent objectives can derail a collaboration.  This is how to continue serving your customers and stakeholders.

Managing the Profitability of the Innovation

Innovation is not dependent on a budget to start, but requires investment in order to grow.  Like a seed and water.  Innovation that will transform the business has two key attributes

  • It can carve out a return on investment from the existing business
  • It can create new business at scale beyond current constraints.

Scaling the Innovation

Once there is a business model for innovation, the way the innovation scales is different from how it is set up.  [G. Moore]

Financing Innovation

As an innovation outgrows it’s incubation period.  These are resources and methods for driving economies of scale.

Venue for Presenting Diverse Innovation Idea

Throughout the course, participants will have an opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas to their peers and collect feedback.  By the end of the course,  participants who have kept their commitments should have a solid plan they can put to work in their area or for another area of the company.

The cohort of participants are encouraged to meet again after the course to reunite and share progress on their work.