Diverse Innovation Self-Assessment Tool

Many individuals may not view themselves as “Innovative”  The following tool can help individuals identify where they have strengths and opportunities.  Fundamentally, all people are innovators when given the right environment to thrive.  This approach helps them to position themselves for growth.

An individual scores each of the following by how much they will need to work to become proficient (minimally, moderately, or significantly).  Participants will reassess at the end of the 12-week session.

  • Desire to Innovate
  • Manage Time
  • Manage Money
  • Take on responsibility
  • Work consistently
  • Solve Problems
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Serving Others
  • List unmet needs
  • Talk to 5 different stakeholders
  • Pitch an Idea
  • Customer Listening Session
  • Estimate cost and levels of effort
  • Calculate a return on investment
  • List of  potential challenges
  • Create a plan to finance and execute
  • Find mentors
  • List ideas to move business forward
  • Capture daily innovation ideas
  • List competitive advantages from innovative ideas
  • Separate business needs from self-preservation
  • Create a plan to cut losses or risks
  • Learn the core business
  • Report to accountability partners weekly
  • Present innovation idea to group