Guide to Diverse Innovation

What is Diverse Innovation?

Diverse Innovation is the effort drive positive business outcomes across an organization’s people, processes, and systems, regardless of where the innovation originates. Truly transformational innovation could literally come from an employee at any level or role.

The strength of diverse innovation also correlates to a number of individuals who believe in a certain potential business outcome after adding their diverse backgrounds and experiences to help the idea grow.

Thus diversity of thought and innovation success are interconnected and type of social responsibility.

How do we each fit in?

Employees are hired into a company because of their background, experiences, and qualifications.  At the onset, there is generally a desire to fulfil the role to the best of abilities.

As we do our work, however, things sometimes do not go as planned and we may lose sight of our path forward or how we should strive to go on.  These conditions are, in fact, the start of any innovation.

Each of us has an ability to recognize how things ought to be.  We communicate and persuade others to help us get to the place we want to go. We lose hope when we fail to communicate  adequately or others fail to understand why or how a certain challenge should be overcome.

Diverse Innovation is the method for enhancing these communications between employees and restoring their faith that they can achieve greater levels of excellence in their roles and for the company.

Innovators have the ability to see and value others’ points of view, while learning to share their own perspectives in ways that others understand.  The character attributes of open-mindedness, tolerance, personal passion, principles, and beliefs combine to form the conditions where conflicts and challenges give way to robust solutions to personal and business problems.

What emerges out of this  positive tension are ideas that have been built by multiple individuals that have pieced it together to form an innovation that is greater than any of the individual parts.

Principles of Diverse Innovation

  1. Make Time and prioritize innovation in your schedule.
  2. Have a mission that matters to you and the company
    • Focus on what drives the business forward in the most impactful way
    • Leverage your passions and unique talents and experiences that align to the greater good
  3. Seek the best ways to serve you customers
  • Their needs will help align priorities
  1. Understand the ecosystem and help those who don’t
  • Participate in networks and communities to gain insights
  • Engage diverse expertise across disciplines and industries at all stages.
  • Work across sector silos to create coordinated and more holistic approaches.
  • Document work, results, processes and best practices and share them widely.
  1. Reuse and Improve, but aim to be 10 times better
  • Decide whether to modify and extend existing tools, platforms, and frameworks, or create new ones that fill in gaps in the future of the company
  • Radical and revolutionary innovation will force you to think outside the box
  1. Ship And Iterate or Fail Well
  • Keep moving, and do not wait for perfection. Let users help you to “iterate” it.
  • There should be no stigma attached to failure. If you do not fail often, you are not trying hard enough.

How do I start?

Innovation starts at the individual level and requires practice to become proficient.  The following process will help individuals progress at their own pace.

  1. Assess Your Needs
  2. Set my innovation outcome goals.
  3. Choose Your Path to innovate within your role
  4. Decide how you will be more innovative.
  5. Join a diverse Innovation Group on this site
  6. Develop habits and practical skills in 90 days:
  7. Continue to enhancing innovation skills.
  8. Share with others what you have learned and practiced

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