Original – Creek Camp at Hale Scout Reservation in Talahina, Oklahoma


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Creek Camp, Hale Sout Reservation, Talihina, Oklahoma. By Daniel B. Howell. 8×10 #6 Plein air acrylic on canvas board, framed. June 12, 2019.

As people may know, Spring of 2019 brought record rainfall to Eastern Oklahoma and surrounding areas. The scene depicts the moment the leaves of the trees near the camp on reservation started to flutter as one of these historic supercells moved over the Kiamichi mountains of the Choctaw reservation.

The viewer can see fleeting blots of sunlight land on the tips of the forest canopy ahead of the incoming clouds. In the foreground, an otherwise unremarkable tree begins to lean over from the wind. Swayed but confident, the tree becomes majestic and noble in its own right. Although hidden, the tree’s strong root system is apparent and the viewer sees the tree’s inherent strength and true character in the face of looming adversity.


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